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Top 5 Wellness Destination For a Perfect Vacation

No matter how much you love your work and family and enjoy spending all of your time on them, these things can sometimes be really exhausting, which is why you sometimes simply need a break from it all. Just a week or two can help you regain your strength and sleep all your troubles away, so find some time for yourself as often as you can and go somewhere far away from your home. However, this sort of trip isn’t your average vacation, but something more than that – a chance for a rebirth and an opportunity to heal your body, mind and soul at the same time. That’s why you need to pick your wellness destination carefully and think long and hard before choosing it, but if you still need some help, here are five suggestions that might provide you with a vacation of a lifetime.


Though most people associate Switzerland with cold weather and winter sports, you can still find lots of sunny days over there – and if you visit this amazing country in the spring or summer, you’ll be amazed how healing its beautiful nature can be. Even water coming from this region is healthy and beneficial, so you should definitely plan on spending at least a couple of days in this European paradise. Keep in mind that basically all wellness and spa centers near the Alps, including the world-famous Chedi Andermatt, are full of fresh air and soothing sounds, so you’ll have a great time whichever you opt for.


Central America is a huge space that includes a number of separate countries and islands, but when it comes to healing your body and soul, all of them have the same positive and nurturing effect. And what this region is most proud of is its surfing tradition that’s been attracting more and more tourists each year. Although surfing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you can’t deny the overwhelming effect it has on your body – not only will a couple of hours in the water be extremely fun and enjoyable, but it’s also going to help you regain your power and self-confidence, especially in support groups like Costa Rica’s Surf with Amigas.


The Land “Down Under” might be far from you, but once you get there, you’ll realize why it’s everyone’s favorite vacation destination. Australia offers a whole range of spas and wellness resorts that are going to treat your body and heal your wounds, but also bring back your peace of mind in a matter of days. One of the places you definitely have to visit is The Botanica Vaucluse beautiful resort just outside of Sydney, where you can receive wonderful spa treatments and the pampering you’ve never experienced in your life.


Going back to the other side of the world, Brazil is one the places in South America you mustn’t miss. The thing that separates this region from all the others is extreme hospitality you’ll encounter every step of the way, from your busboys and bartenders to your masseuses and riding instructors. Yes, horseback rides are one of the ways to regain your inner peace here, so give this activity a shot even if you’ve never tried it. Some places, such as Fazenda Catucaba, located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, give you total privacy and comfort, even blocking your Wi-Fi and phone signal so that nobody can disturb you. Wellness Destination


If you’re a fan of swimming and all water activities, you should definitely consider visiting Indonesia and its beautiful beaches. Whether you’re a fan of seas or oceans, you can turn your dreams into reality in this place just a couple of minutes after arriving – and if you’re coming by boat, you could take a swim while your ride is moving! Indonesia is very proud of its tourist potential and the government strongly supports people with its medical and health industry, so you can be sure you’ll find amazing food, drinks and services here. What’s even better is that there’s not just one sort of massages offered here, but you can spend an entire week and still not explore all of the techniques that might help your mind and soul. And if you get tired of the sea, you can always visit Fivelements, a resort near Bali, and enjoy a swim in one of their magnificent pools.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be a bit tricky at first, but just imagine how fun visiting at least one of these places can be. What’s great about the world we live in today is that there are lots of other extraordinary spas in basically every corner of the globe, so don’t be afraid to go to a different location every single year – you surely won’t get tired or bored anytime soon!

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