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Portugal! Spain! Morocco: What cities are highlights and why!

If you took a survey and asked many people what countries they would like to visit, 8 out 10 people would want to see Portugal, Spain and Morocco. These countries are top on the list of most travelers, and travel wannabes.


Obviously! These countries are beautiful, have amazing historical places. In addition, these countries are know for their amazing culture, rich history, beautiful beaches, sumptuous food and much more!
I particularly love these countries because they have so many ancient historical sites and lots of jaw dropping and breathtaking places to see, little wonder why they have become the hub of most tourists and the center of attraction.

Let’s take a look at some of the places you totally need to see when you get a chance to visit Spain, Portugal or Morocco .


Portugal Spain and Morocco what cities are highlights and why?


Morocco: Portugal Spain and Moroccothis beautiful country found in the continent of Africa has become one of the most visited and one of the most loved countries by tourists, because of it’s intriguing, Rich cultural heritage and captivating cities. If you ever get the chance to visit Morocco don’t fail to see the desert, try sleeping in the desert under the stars, I bet you it would be the experience of a lifetime.
Take a trip to the South and visit Marrakech, I hear it’s totally worth every penny spent!
Essaouira is a colorful city near the beach. It is a great place for surfers to visit. Other places to see include, fez, Tangier, chefchaouen and of course a tour of the Sahara desert.



Spain: Portugal Spain and Moroccoa trip to Spain would be incomplete without a visit to Barcelona, don’t you think? Barcelona remains one of the top tourist destinations for travelers who visit Spain. Seville holds the promise of being an unforgettable city, if you are wondering why? Well go see for yourself.

Madrid is also a good place to see, let’s not get started on all of the exciting things to do and beautiful places to visit in Madrid. Grande is a city in Spain which is highly attractive as well.
Other places you can see are, Malaga, Cadiz, Jerez, Cordoba just to mention a few.



Portugal:Portugal Spain and Morocco the quiet and small country with so many fascinating historical sites never fails to make the list of best places to see or top tourist destination, does it? According to most travelers who have explored the stunning country. Portugal is a great Travel destination for the traveler on a budget.
Lagos is a city in Portugal and it’s a great place to start when you plan a trip to Portugal. Some of the fun activities that you can try out include kayaking and exploring of the hidden beaches. The city is filled with clear water, fairy tale cliffs and natural caves.
Any you chance you get to visit Lisbon, take it by the scruff. sintra near Lisbon is great too because of the old castle that you would get to see, valença has a stunning fortress that would take your breath away. A list of other places to include in your itinerary are Viana do castello, Porto aveiro, Braga and algavre area if you love the beaches.

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