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How to pack light- The minimalist travel guide.

Traveling is high up on my list of favorite things!

Really who doesn’t  like the idea of changing their environment every once in a while, seeing new places and people? The thought alone is really exciting.

However there is a major downside to traveling, “LUGGAGE”

yea right! This is very often cited as one of the greatest traveling challenges. The importance and necessity of packing light cannot be over-emphasized

Packing light is packing right.

How you pack goes a long way in determining how your trip will go. It is often said that the measure of a good traveler is how light he or she travels.

This is why so many travelers are beginning to adopt the minimalist travel style.

Minimalist Travel is quite the rave these days, and rightly so, as reducing your luggage and overall travel expenses certainly sounds like the way to go. Minimalist travel starts with your mindset, you have to become more in tune with yourself and understand what you consider as your essentials, know clearly what you “want”and what you “need”. Embrace simplicity, de-clutter and learn to avoid unnecessary detail. Travelling can be done in utmost convenience and ease, when booking flights or RV rental. This would greatly impact how comfortable you are  during your travel, afford you more peace of mind and  of course exponentially increase your packing speed. In adopting the minimalist travel style there are a few things to know.

A “good backpack” is the answer

You can fit weeks worth of stuff into the right backpack, all you need are the right packing techniques and a clear knowledge of your priorities. Using the right backpack helps you decide what is really essential and what is not, since there isn’t enough space to fit an infinite amount of stuff, thus making you pack lighter. Knowing some good packing tricks and techniques also go a long way.

  1. packing tips:
  2. Opt to roll your clothes rather than fold, this creates much more room.
  3. Put all toiletries and make up in one plastic bag.
  4. Put jewelry and small accessories inside your shoes.
  5. Line your clothes horizontally.
  6. Pack neutral colored shoes

Trust me you will always have to carry your luggage more than you think so you would need the right backpack. Thankfully there are so many great Backpacks that can effectively cater to this. Minimalist Travel guide

it is the perfect choice for minimalist travel as it is really durable, affordable and it comes in so many exciting designs and colors. It is also really convenient as it doubles as a Laptop backpack can you beat that?

Always limit the amount of gadgets and valuables you take

Let’s face it, these days, it is nearly impossible to breathe without our electronic gadgets let alone travel without them. A great backpack should always also serve as a laptop backpack, this is key as most travelers would not want to leave their most priced possessions behind, Although it needn’t be so, you should know what valuables are essential for a particular trip and incorporate them into your packing plans. Consider what valuables you can’t do without and what you need. A few wants may do no harm provided they aren’t overly bulky and take up precious space. Taking too many valuables may even put you at risk of becoming a target of pick pockets.

You should also avoid carrying excessive cash, although this is a bit tricky because you should also not be with too little as you could find yourself seriously stranded. That is why traveling on a well planned and detailed budget is really important. There are creative ways to stash your cash.

Cash stashing tips:

you can roll them into a slim roll, rather than fold and stuff it into an empty, well cleaned tooth paste tube, empty hair/body cream containers, or also put it inside plastic bags and put into your shoes.

Plan to minimize your expenses:

Excessive spending is also a real travel challenge and often becomes a major nightmare travelers face. Minimizing your expenses is a great part of minimal travel as you can be comfortable on a budget, and avoid extra charges for excess luggage. You should also be wary of impulsive buying, so as not to find yourself over laden on your return. Always consider taking cheap flights, as this goes a long way in saving cost and keeping your budget reasonable. Consider booking your flights early, this really reduces cost, for  instance you can book really Cheap Flights from to london, Amsterdam or New York  and this goes a long way in keeping your “travel budget” friendly.

If you didn’t know all these, you are welcome. If you are a minimalist traveler please feel free to share some of your minimalist tips with us in the comment section.

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