Cheap eats in London

Check out these cheap eats in London!

The ancient city of London is always a delight any day anytime, whenever I get the chance, I would love to visit the ancient historical city. I’m quite certain a lot of people have this beautiful city at the top of the travel bucket list.

Let’s take a look at some of the cheap eats in London

Terry’s cafe: Cheap eats in Londonthis is an excellent choice for the traveller on a budget. The menu is perfect for anyone, you can get meals for as low as £6. Terry’s was founded in the early 80’s by Terry a former Smithfield meat trader, it’s a traditional English Cafe which has so much to offer to hungry visitors and curious foodies. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or just some time out with family and friends, Terry’s cafe has more than enough hearty dishes to serve to your delight! Some of the meals offered at Terry’s cafe includes full English, french fries , French toast, just to mention a few

E.pelicci: Cheap eats in LondonE. Pellicci is a must try for foodies in and around london. The cafe which came into existence in the early 90’s is run by a family of Italian immigrants, it is an Italian styled restaurant.
The cafe is simply a delight! A place that would appeal even to the most critical thinking people.
whether you like it or not. You’re definitely going to like it. They have meals for as low as £9, for lovers of full English dish this is definitely the place to be. Other meal’s which are available include. Lasagna, chips, sandwiches, etc

Abu ZaadCheap eats in London

There are so many perks that come with visiting this restaurant? for starters, the prices are so low and there’s so much food options to go around, whatever your preferences are.
The Syrian styled cafe is a one stop destination for the Traveller on a budget.
You are sure to find baked breads,cold meze, lamb kebabs, tabbouleh, houmous, baba ganoush and Damascene specialities at the all-you-can-eat Sunday breakfast buffet, from 11am to 1pm.
Meals go for as low as £9.99
When next you visit London stop by this cafe and give it a try.

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