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5 Places To Travel During Ramadan On A Budget!

The Ramadan season is underway! The holy season is usually ridden with a lot of prayers, reflection, festivities and celebrations. What better way is there to savor the moment than to travel to some tranquil and surreal destination.

A trip to some breathtaking, peaceful destination Which is also budget friendly is a great way to spend the holy month with family and friends. Some people cringe at the thought of travel, because of the cost and expenses that comes with it, interestingly, Travel does not have to break the bank, there are so many budget friendly travel destinations, cheap flights and affordable Travel deals, you can take advantage of.

A good Travel agency can help you out with your travel plans and preparations, that would be tailored to suit your budget.
Travelstart Nigeria is a great option when it comes to traveling on a budget and in style. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting and budget friendly Travel destinations you could visit this Ramadan season.

Morocco the ancient country of Morocco is always a delight any day and time. This beautiful country that is filled with so many amazing places, ancient cities and historical sites is a great place to spend the holidays! Here are Some of the interesting places you could see this Ramadan season. The breathtaking Grand Mosque in Casablanca, Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakesh and Fes Medina which is a great place to see the Rich Muslim culture in all its glory! If you are someone who is fascinated by the desert, you could spend a night in the desert under the stars.
The food in Morocco is quite affordable, the people are warm, hospitable and friendly.

Egypt: 5 Places To Travel During Ramadan On A Budget!this country is one of the most coveted Travel destinations in the world! During the Ramadan Egypt goes up on the list, its many fascinating Islamic architecture makes it a perfect destination for The Ramadan season!
It is arguable that Egypt is one of the most enchanting African countries, its rich history and captivating culture puts it at the vanguard of travel destinations. There are so many amazing resorts, stunning beaches, breathtaking mosques to see. When it comes to food, Egypt still lives up to the task, the myriad food options in Cairo from halal dishes to Iftar meals would definitely make your stay eventful. For lovers of history and archeology, a visit to the legendary pyramids would be a Trip Worth every penny! Egypt is indeed a fascinating country, during the Ramadan season the streets of Cairo bubbles with life and vigor and let’s not forget it’s all budget friendly.

Turkey:5 Places To Travel During Ramadan On A Budget! if you have never been to turkey now is the perfect time to visit! The incredibly peaceful country which is renowned for its rich history and stunning cities is a great place to spend your Ramadan. Some of the places to see in turkey include the Aspendos Theatre, the blue mosque and the Patara Beach. Istanbul is one of the favorite places for Muslims, because of the blue mosque.
The Blue Mosque is magical and during the Ramadan season, it gets better.

UAE: when we talk about budget friendly countries, people never want to think UAE, surprisingly the United Arab Emirates is quite budget friendly and certainly deserves a place on your travel bucket list..
This beautiful country has become one of the most visited and one of the most loved countries by tourists, because of its luxurious resorts, Rich cultural heritage and beautiful cities.

Kuwait: most people never consider Kuwait to be a budget friendly country because of its luxurious feel and appeal. Surprisingly, Kuwait has so many affordable hotels and cheap eats. So if you are on a budget and would love to pay a visit to the stunning country, don’t hesitate to.
The story of the place is rich and there are so many exciting places to see and interesting activities to get involved in. Kuwait city is a great place to start. Some interesting budget friendly places you could also spend your time at include, the art museum, Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait Towers, Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Calligraphy and the Grand Mosque.


Let us know your thoughts, Which of these countries would you love to visit this season?

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