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5 Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget

The season of love is just around the corner, yes we are talking Valentine’s day! It’s common practice for most couples to set their wedding during this time of the year.
After the wedding comes honeymoon ! If you are a newlyweds, where would you like to spend your honeymoon? What’s your dream destination for a honeymoon, I bet you’re thinking of a getaway to some exotic and surreal island. Well, Why not?!
A trip to the Caribbean islands or Maldives is certainly not a bad idea, is it? More often than not couples are debarred from having these great experiences due to financial constraints, worse still, after having spent nearly all of your savings on the wedding, there is usually nothing left from in the bank to pay for a honeymoon, or a simple vacation. That’s why we want to take a look at some amazing and cheap honeymoon destinations as well as budget friendly activities for both newlyweds and couples who have been long married.


5 Honeymoon Destinations On A budget Honeymoon Destinations

Italy: the beauty city of Sicily is a perfect honeymoon destination for any couple. Italy is known for it’s strong history, ancient landmarks, and beautiful cities. Amongst all the options Sicily is one of the best places to go if you’re on a budget. There are affordable car rental places where couples could get a nice car to drive around town, lodgings can be gotten for reasonable prices. Doubtless, in Sicily you will get to see amazing places, the food is great and affordable. It’s a great honeymoon destination for couples on a budget. Whether you’re newlyweds, or older couples, it’s a great option for all.

Sri lanka: looking for a great place to go on Valentine’s day or after your wedding? The decision to go somewhere really unique on Valentine’s day or after a wedding celebration is a great idea. The question always is ? Is it within our budget? Well, If you love relaxing on the beach and have a thing for tea plantations then Sri Lanka may be for you. The best part is, it’s really affordable and most likely within your budget. Take a trip to Sri Lanka and enjoy cheap attraction sites, if you love elephants, there’s plenty of them in the relatively quiet country. You really don’t have to spend much to have a fantastic trip.

Thailand: for couples looking for a great destination for their honeymoon, the Asian continent has so many amazing and exotic island and Thailand is one of such places, blessed with lush trees and enthralling scenery, Thailand is a perfect choice for couples on a budget. Getaway from the hustle and bustle of every day like with you loved one and soak in the beauty of the world around you. Thailand is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations In the world, enjoy the outdoors and bask in the euphoria of it’s pristine beaches.

Maldives: hoping to have the time of your life in some far away exquisite island, then the Maldives is certainly a good idea. The beautiful country which is located in the Indian ocean is known for it’s beautiful beaches, lagoons and reefs. For couples who are planning an inexpensive trip this is a great place to start. In Maldives there are many hotels on a budget and really affordable restaurants.

Have you been to any of These honeymoon destinations? If yes, How was your experience? If not, would you like to visit any of these places?

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